Monday, 2 April 2012

Grannell of the Day - the leek

The Leek is a vegetable which should be more widely used than is the case in our households today.  It is in all respects a most excellent addition to the bill of fare.  It may be safely used by dyspeptics, and is a corrective of constipation and liver troubles.  It is best eaten stewed and served with butter or other sauce on toast.  In this form it is most digestible.  One of the good qualities of the leek is its all-round digestibility.  It is also an anti-scorbutic, and in this serves to purify the blood, and to keep the skin clear.

No.  I have no idea what an anti-scorbutic is but it sounds extremely important.  I would not wish to be scorbutic.  Bring me more leeks!

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