Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grannell of the Day - Rules for Sleeping

Rules for Sleeping - There are two rules for sleeping which everybody may adopt without hesitation.  First, never let yourself be awakened, but wait until you have slept out your sleep.  Second, get up as soon as you are awake.  If you follow these two rules the hours of sleep will soon regulate themselves to the requirements of your constitution.

I would like to adopt these rules without hesitation.  However, the book is strangely silent on how to prevent two year-olds from waking up at the crack of dawn and throwing every toy in their possession across the wooden floor while chanting "MummyMummyMummy" until you give in and get up, or how to prevent babies from deciding that 5am is a good time for everyone to have a little chat about how the "awaaaah" feels about the "gagoooo" and what happened when "oooogwaah" turned out to be "boooooogooooowoooo".

Although I do adopt the second rule from time to time.  Generally because what has woken me up is a cry of "Muuuuummeeeee.  There's poo in my trouuuuusers" requiring me to go from asleep to a state of full parental awareness in the space of less than a second or run the risk of a repeat of poo-gate.

I see no sign of the hours of my sleep regularing themselves to the requirements of my constitution.  But then again the main requirements of my constitution currently seem to be white wine and chocolate puddings....

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